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About Break Me By Geneva Lee

We thought our lives were starting, but our nightmare is just beginning.
Belle changed me. She made me a better man. But I’ll have to accept the monster I once was if I’m going to protect our future.
Because we’ve let something dark into our home, but it won’t break us. Nothing—and no one—will come between us. No matter what sins I have to commit.

The conclusion of Breathe Me, Break Me is the continuing story of the spin-off story of Smith and Belle in Geneva Lee’s Royals Series. This story was tense, and if you know the series, and the past of the characters, Ms Lee was definitely one step ahead with the intrigue. The ending definitely have a way for more mystery and intrigue in the continuation of the Royal Series-for now the conclusion is satisfying enough while opening more questions that can be solved by other characters if needed.

This book picks up right where Breathe Me left off, and my heart was in my throat with what was happening. As the story unfolded, I loved Belle’s aunt and her outlook on life: “There’s not enough time to wait for the perfect moment. There’s only time to live.” My love for Bells’s best friend Edward grew in this book as well. Smith made me swoon, yet I wanted to shake him sometimes too! Some moments in this book warmed my heart, and some moments I even laughed out loud. While reading the pinnacle of the unraveling of the mystery, “an explanation for all the madness,” my mind was absolutely blown! I did not see any of that coming; this author plotted everything brilliantly! I highly recommend this book and the whole Royals Saga! I requested and received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review that I am voluntarily leaving.

The perfect conclusion to Breathe Me. Smith and Belle’s bond is unbreakable, and the twists and turns this story takes, OMG. I was convinced I had figured out a couple things, but I was wrong, and I’m glad I was. I think the last time I was that surprised, was be this author as well. Where I felt some the previously written books of late where lacking a little when it came to sexy times, this story felt like it went back to the beginning when they first met with some delightful twists.

Why is this the same exact book as Breathe Me! What a waste of $.

These are amazing but both Breathe me and Break me when I purchased are the exactly the same books


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