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About The Beach House By Rachel Hanna


Julie's husband of twenty-one years was living a secret life, which ended her marriage and forced her to start over alone at forty-three years old.

Faced with a new reality, she decides to rebuild her life on an island off the coast of South Carolina and learn to make it on her own.

The only thing she isn't expecting is to be thrown together with her estranged sister, the flower child wanna-be, yoga teaching bane of her existence. She also doesn't expect to meet a handsome stranger who will help her transform the money pit she accidentally bought into the home of her dreams.

As she starts to create a life she loves, her husband causes a wrench in her plans once again. Will she be forced to help the man who broke her heart? Or will she finally break away and live life on her terms?

You're going to love The Beach House and its quirky cast of characters, including Dixie, the epitome of Southern charm and wit, who runs the local bookstore called Down Yonder!

I enjoyed reading Julie’s book & look forward to reading more in this series.

Absolutely loved every minute of this book!!!

A lovely book with life lessons and a soul soothing ending. You’ll want to move right along to the next book in the series.

Great read!!! Loved it!

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars received from Julie Pike, married 21 years, raised two daughters and ready to sell their home and move to the beach but her husband was leading a double life... he met a woman on his business trips to Boston, had an affair for the last two years and now they have a son together. Julie is left to pick up the pieces of her life and move on as best she can... but that’s easier said than done. With her money from the sale of their home she buys a beach house site unseen, is thrown together with her estranged sister and meets a handsome man who ends up being her contractor. What happens next but keep your reading to find out where her life is going, the unexpected twists, turns, ups, downs and an emotional journey to find her new life in the Beach House...